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Real-time US and Musculoskeletal US Course - October 27-28

Real-time US and Musculoskeletal US Course - October 27-28

Following space constraints in the last newsletter, I omitted the upcoming Real-time and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound course with Mr Peter Esslebach. There are a few US courses available, but we specifically asked Peter to come across west, as he is unique for a couple of reasons;


  1. He is a physio and has 20 years experience as a medical sonographer
  2. He teaches both real-time US and musculoskeletal US techniques

With research swinging away from the importance of specific muscle recruitment, imaging and feedback of specific muscles is perhaps less important. However it is still a useful skill. When it comes to musculoskeletal US however, Peter will show a vision to a possible new direction for physiotherapists in service provision. We already treat muscle tears/cramps, damaged ligaments, tendonopathies and ruptures. The ability to image these tissues early, could assist in a correct diagnosis and therefore better and more accurate management. Most of you will have heard me discuss the 30-35% of "muscle tears", that are actually cramps, and using an US would be one way to clarify this diagnosis. There is a big difference in being back playing in 2 weeks, not 6 weeks.

Details of Peter's course in Perth can be found here.There are a couple of case studies that are available in the Resource section for Bronze Members and other general details can be found on Peter's own website here.


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