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Stud Needles - Little Beauties

Stud Needles - Little Beauties

The stud needle has been around for many years, but recently Seirin has upscaled their build & presentation, making them much easier to apply and they stay insitu for longer. We use ones that are 0.9 and 0.12 mm long. Details can be found on our website under Shop > Clinic Supplies> Acupuncture Supplies>Pyonex

A couple of examples that I have found them great for include;

  1. Treating children. I would prefer not to 'frighten' children by using needles, but sticker plasters are a quite acceptable in kids eyes. And these ones are pretty cool with the distinctive bump.
  2. Prolonged stimulation. Often with longer term presentations like MTSS, neck inducted headaches, low back pain, and supraspinatus tendonopathy it helps greatly to be able to maintain a degree of local stimulation after the client has left my clinic. It takes a couple of days after deep needling for the injury site to heal, and the body lose chemical 'interest'. With a stud you can maintain activation for a week between treatments.

We will be discussing usage of stud needles in the Master Needling Course. so if you have completed both Advanced Courses and been needling for 12 or more months then now is the time to challenge the status quo and move forward again. Course details are here. Each course is part tailored to attendees; so have a think about what areas you would like to revise as part of your personal development and let me know so I can factor you in.


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