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Symantec/Nortons Software - Beware

My first rant

I have been using PC Tools Internet software for many years on all computers and been really happy. It turns out that recently it was 'purchased/morphed' by Symantec (the dark lord :<).

Somewhere in the transition Symantec has decided to roll Nortons and PC Tools into one and cancelled my subscription with PC Tools so now it doesn't work. I contact PC Tools by live chat and they say I need to deactivate my license with Nortons before they can activate the PC Tools one again (even though I have never paid Nortons money nor subscribed to any of their programs).

I phoned Nortons and after being transferred and then waiting 25 mins I hung up and start again. Same deal, 'you require technical support, please wait for a few minutes', another 20 mins later, I am live chatting again with PC Tools again saying how can I deactivate if I cant contact - 'sorry we can't help'.

How's that for business slime. Faceless personal cancels your subscription in one company, sets up an unmanned support number in their other company and happily holds onto your 6 months subscription, cause you can't even request a refund from the original company until the deactivation occurs.

Can't even cancel, all I can do is warn others if they are considering dealing with Symantec or Nortons - Beware.

A cow pat in the eye of the dark lord!




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