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Advanced Upper Quadrant Course

An amazing couple of days with a group of experienced and enthusiastic talking about upper quadrnat clinical conditions and how to incorporate dry needling into current clinical experience. Love the sharing that happens between experienced practitioners.




We found the medial pterygoids of the year - see picture and while no photo credits were requested, thanks to Liz for sharing her inner secrets :)


Following on from participants suggestions some changes have been made for the 2016 course, thanks for everyone's input.

Some course comments;

"Safe needling through the thorax especially through not so obvious muscles like serratus posterior superior and better ways to needle through paravertebrals. Very good experience drawing out the rib cage + knowing where everything actuality is under palpation."        Tracey

"Anatomy review and relevance- confidence  - a great amount of information, stimulating lectures - all found very happy"       Liz


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