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Fascial Manipulation Level 1 & 2 Courses Now in Australia


 With textbooks printed in 6 languages and courses conducted around the world, this comprehensive system of fascial examination and treatment pioneered by Luigi Stecco, an Italian Physiotherapist, is ideally suited for physiotherapists, osteopaths, medical doctors & chiropractors. These day courses are intensive, where theory lessons, demonstrations, and practice between participants alternate throughout the day.

I personally have not yet attended these courses, so I asked a previous course participant to write about their experience attending the Level 1 Course and subsequently the effect on their clients.

"I completed the first Australian course in March 2013 when it was taught by Julie Ann Day, who has helped translate Luigi Stecco's books on Fascail Manipulation into English and has worked alongside Luigi.
By examining the plane of movement involved and using centers of coordination to treat identified areas, acute or chronic injuries can be resolved and prevent the body "shrink wrapping" these injuries, causing further problems.

I have been using this FM material to successfully treat cases that previously were resolving to the 80% improvement mark. It treats forward, meaning even if the person returns with an ongoing issue, previous treatment means the body is more responsive. ‘Old is Gold” underpins why this treatment clears out existing problems and at the same time, the most recent compensation strategy. For my athletes it combines feeling looser and stronger as everything bodily works better with FM.

Small small detail: client must be willing to go through pain during treatment and up to 2 days post treatment. First experience is the worse, as usually clients have previoulsy had muscles not fascia treated."

Many thanks to Aideen for these observations

FM Level 1 course outline and enrolment details can be found here.

FM Level 2 course outline and enrolment details can be found here.

 Your Presenter - Ms. Julie Ann Day


Julie Ann Day is originally from Adelaide, where she trained as a physiotherapist, qualifying in 1977. Julie has been living and working in Padova, Italy since 1984. In 1998 she began studying Fascial Manipulation with Luigi Stecco, the Italian physiotherapist who developed this method. Julie has since translated three texts on this subject from Italian to English (‘Fascial Manipulation for Musculoskeletal Pain’, 2004; ‘Fascial Manipulation - Practical Part’, 2009; ‘Fascial Manipulation for Internal Dysfunctions’, 2013).

An authorized teacher of Fascial Manipulation since 2002, Julie has taught Level I & Level II courses of Fascial Manipulation in Italy, Canada, USA, UK, Poland, Finland, Denmark, and Australia, as well as presenting numerous workshops and presentations on this subject at International conferences. She is also one of the founding members of the AMF (Asssociazione Manipolazione Fasciale, see www.fascialmanipulation.com) and currently holds the position of Teachers’ representative on the AMF’s Executive Council.

All the best,


Doug Cary FACP
Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (awarded by Australian College of Physiotherapy, 2009)
PhD Candidate Curtin University
Clinical Director AAP Education

Doug Cary FACP
Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (awarded by Australian College of Physiotherapy, 2009)
PhD Candidate Curtin University
Clinical Director AAP Education

email: doug@aapeducation.com.au

ph/fx: 08 90715055

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