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Nurturing You & Tax Time Provides Opportunities

I am just finishing up going around and around the paddock, seeding our hay crop and winter graze crop. Each paddock takes about 8 hours and gives me plenty of time to think - well that is what I tell my wife (also a great time to absorb a couple of talking books).

I do this each Autumn and it usually involves sewing a main crop like oats, barley or triticale. However I have been reading and looking a bit deeper at the ways plants interact, support and nurture each other. One good example is the interaction between legumes and grasses. Legumes, with the help of rhizobia bacteria, fix atmospheric nitrogen and deposit it into the soil making it available for the grasses. For this reason we mixed up 3 clovers, a serradella and added cocksfoot to the oats for variety and nitrogen fixing potential.

The relevance? We all need different forms of stimulation to maintain the pursuit of our goals. I love nurturing stuff, seeing it develop, mature and grow to full potential. It might be a plant, building a shed or developing a skill. Professionally I enjoy conferences, but usually come home with so so much information that I act or absorb little overall. For me the perfect balance point is a course. Having people in the same room, a common topic and chance to bounce around ideas. Like what works, what doesn't and how to apply it in clinical practice. This type of learning consolidates and places the new information into perspective and ensures I integrate it with my current knowledge and understanding.

Here are some opportunities to wet your professional seeds. Please note we try to provide you with a variety or local, interstate and international presenters. Your support of these courses is vital and much appreciated.

Rehabilitative US Level 1 June 18 -19 (Interstate presenter)

Fascial Manipulation Level 1 July 29 - 31 and Aug 5 -7 (International Presenter)

Mulligan's Upper Quadrant July 23 - 24

Dry Needling Advanced Lower Quadrant July 25 - 26

Dry Needling Advanced Upper Quadrant July 27 - 28

Oh, and enrolling now means you can claim your professional nurturing  and tax benefit in this financial year.

- Doug

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